Tiny Dog Is Obese For Her Breed, Then Vet Devotes 12 Months To Transforming Her

1 year, 6 months ago

Millie is a Jack Russell who loves meat kebobs and Yorkshire puddings. The bad habit caused her to become obese, weighing 40 percent more than her ideal weight.

Veterinarians were shocked when they saw Millie for the first time, believing she was carrying enough extra pounds to cause her to die.

The 15-year-old dog’s owner, Melanie Smith would share her fast food with the dog. She didn’t realize how big Millie got until it was nearly too late.

“We didn’t really realize just how big she had got. When the vet said she could die it really shook us up,” said Ms Smith.

Melanie brought Millie to the PDSA Pet Fit Club in 2015. The vets were stunned.

“Millie was probably the biggest Jack Russell I have seen,” said Sarah Spinks.

Sarah put Millie on a restrictive diet and trained her for 12 months.

“Her arthritis was a problem and I think the family struggled to say no to her adorable little eyes but it’s a magnificent achievement for her to reach her target weight,” Sarah said.

Millie can now walk without struggling, she has shed half her body weight and managed to win three local dog shows. Now that’s a transformation.

“Some people will come up and ask me: ‘Is that the dog that used to be really fat?’ While there are others who don’t believe it’s the same dog,” Melanie said. “She’s still on the diet but she’s pretty much at her perfect weight now. I’m just so glad we listened to the vets when we did.”

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