Student Sits To Take Test, Then Realizes Professor Added A Stunning Surprise Question

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Most of us breathe a sigh of relief when wefinally put our test-taking days behind us.

Still, even when school is in the rearview mirror, we all remember for years the intense angst of sitting down on exam day.

That’s why we can all collectively agree that teachers who give extra credit questions are by far the best.

An extra credit question usually gives you a little bit of leeway on a test. If you find yourself sitting down and realizing half the material on the exam is totally unfamiliar to you, those extra credit questions represent a tiny bit of hope to still salvage your grade.

If you have a teacher with a sense of humor, there’s a good chance those extra credit questions are easy, funny, or some combination of the two!

In fact, our new favorite teacher is an anonymous statistics professor who asksthe best extra credit questionsat the bottom of exams.

These questions range from important pop cultural queries (“Who was the drummer for the Beatles?”) to goofy inquiries into the wider world (“Describe the dumbest conversation you’ve overheard”).

Scroll through below for the incredible answers to these questions and more!

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An unknown stats professor is making major waves online thanks to a series of clever and silly extra credit questions appended to the bottom of exams.

All of these questions have little to do with the subject matter (statistics) and everything to do with indulging this particular professor’s excellent sense of humor.

The example above reads: “What color pants does Jake from State Farm wear?”

This refers to the insurance company’s ad campaign, and the test-taker earned a two-point boost for correctly answering “khakis.”

One of our very favorite questions reads, “Describe the dumbest conversation you have overheard recently,” and notes that extra credit can range from two to five points.

Here, the student really brought the A game with a stupendously dumb overheard dialogue:

Guy: Do you like Bon Jovi?

Girl: No thanks, I don’t eat Italian food.

This answer earned the student a whopping seven points of extra credit, plus the approving commentary, “Holy smokes!”

Of course, not every extra credit question ended so successfully for our intrepid scholar.

For instance, on one exam, the student could have gotten major extra points for simply bringing a pink gel pen on exam day: “Yesterday during my lecture I quickly mentioned that only a pink pen will save you tomorrow. Draw a stick figure below in that pink pen.”

Unfortunately, the only pen around wasan ordinary blue ball-point, hence the slightly profaneillustration above. The speech bubble is blurred, but it’s definitely a four-letter sentiment. No credit was given, sadly.

Elsewhere, students were asked to complete lyrics to popular songs.

This particular question quotes some of the words to Tupac’s California Love, and asks the student to complete the line.

Our student clearly knows their West Coast rap, completing the lyric and adding a few hand-drawn musical notes to boot!

The stats professor clearly has wide-ranging interests, veering from random whims to music and film.

This question delves into some early-’90s television knowledge, asking students, “How many seasons was Full House on the air.”

The student answered seven seasons, but the professor notes that the classic family sitcom was actually on for eight seasons. “Close.”

Our very favorite question of all asks the student to really reach down deep inside and lean into a little bit of public humiliation for the grade.

Referencing an iconic scene in the Robin Williams film Dead Poet’s Society, the professor writes, “First person to read this, stand up proudly on your chair, and yell at the top of your lungs, ;Oh captain, my captain!’ will receive a 95% on this exam.”

We hope nobody jumped up to complete the task, because this particular question was all just a joke, as you’ll see if you scroll below.

After a few generous spaces, our mischievous professor adds, “Just kidding. Name the drummer for the Beatles.”

The joke’s on any student who thought that they were going to get a 95percent for their theatrical skills!

Do you wish your teachers and professors had such a great sense of humor?

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